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We Are Different. We Don't Talk About Problems, We Solve them.

Break Method is an innovative systems approach to rapid emotional rewiring. We believe your brain can and will deceive you in the process of healing if given the chance. Break Method bypasses your brain’s protective reflexes to uncover the pattern that operates beneath the surface – driving your chaotic behavior and cycles on autopilot. Our approach is not soft, enabling or codependency-inducing. We hold firm to our process, timeline and systematic assessments to get you sustainable results that create a generational ripple in the world.

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Stop Living Your Life On Repeat

Outsmarts Self-Deception & Uncovers the Truth

Outsmarts Self-Deception & Uncovers the Truth

Our process is not narrative-focused. When you are asked questions about your past, your brain typically filters that through a distortion that you can't see. It contaminates information and often keeps you stuck in a loop. Our process prevents you from lying to yourself. The result? Efficient results that last.

Builds Habits That Reinforce Self-Reliance

Builds Habits That Reinforce Self-Reliance

Many therapeutic methodologies use a long-term process or continue treatment for an unknown time period. This can lead to helplessness and dependence on the practitioner. We teach you how to rewire in a way that builds emotional resilience and radical personal responsibility.

Set Structure for Trigger Exposure

Set Structure for Trigger Exposure

Many programs tip toe around you triggers or let you use your story as a way to sidestep the processes that hold they keys to your freedom. We won't let you do that. Our structure helps you map, experience and process trigger patterns to sustainably rewire. We believe you cannot rewire a trigger you refuse to be confronted with. For this reason, we build strategy to move into discomfort rather than allow your brain the chance to trick you into avoidance.

Breakthroughs Begin Day One

Breakthroughs Begin Day One

Unlike many lengthy mental health relationships you may have experienced in the past, you begin experiencing change immediately. The process keeps you in the seat of knowledge, working with your team collaboratively instead of becoming dependent on the team for answers. Throughout the program, you'll have a series of epiphanies that will transform the foundation of who you are and why you operate the way you do,

No More "See You Next Week"

No More "See You Next Week"

Our program is built with results, efficiency and sustainability in mind. For this reason, we work diligently to equip clients to gain the diagnostic skills, pattern recognition techniques and strategies of their team leaders to be able to carry these skills with them into the future. Life will throw you curve balls, but with Break Method in your toolkit, you'll always be ready to rewire, adapt and succeed.


Top Reasons Clients Join Break Method

Break Method works on the 8-part core Brain Pattern that drives all of your behavior and decision-making on autopilot. For this reason, the process works the same way for each client regardless of incoming issues.  

Anxiety or Panic Attacks
Relationship Conflict & Communication
Self-Sabotage & Commitment Issues
Parenting Conflict & Behavior Issues
We Are A Results-Driven Program

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Roadmap to Rewire Consultation

This consultation with our Behavioral Strategy team provides an in-depth analysis of the relevant cause and effect relationships impacting your current presenting issues paired with 2 powerful video and workbook exercises. Within 24 hours of session completion, you’ll receive your Roadmap to Rewire – a multipage document that presents the 8-part pattern hypothesis along with ways this pattern is likely to impact you in career, relationships, communication, parenting and more. The final page presents the most efficient pathway to rewiring along with program next steps. 



Our programs are tailored to four distinct groups: individuals, couples, family systems and teens. The FAQs below apply to all programs. We look forward to working with you and are happy to answer any additional questions you have by calling us 844- 992-7325.

Client programs typically take 16 weeks to complete. Some clients need a slower pace to move through the programming and we are able to accommodate any pace you need to successfully finish. 

You have an entire team assembled to support your program. Your team is made up of a Behavior Strategist, a Client Support Specialist and a rotating team of advisors. Your team is selected based on your onboarding criteria. Once paired, you will have the same team for your entire program. If you'd like to make any team changes along the way, we are always willing to accommodate. 

We offer two distinct ways to pay. Pay in full is discounted and covers your tuition until your program is complete even if that takes 6 months. You can also pay monthly and this monthly payment will continue until you are finished with your program.  If you are homeless or living in a shelter, you are eligible for Financial Assistance. Please use the contact button to complete the application.

Most students will need to commit 6-10 hours per week to their Break Method work.  You are able to move through your program as fast as you desire as long as you are retaining materials and your Behavior Strategist approves your pace. We are results-focused, that means if the pace you are trying to keep isn't going to yield the sustainable results we strive for, a recommended pace will be suggested. If you can only commit 3-4 hours per week, you can absolutely complete the program. It will typically take 20-22 weeks at that pace.

Break Method specializes in data extraction. Our process helps pinpoint the critical emotional inputs even if you struggle to remember your childhood. A variety of tools are utilized and in most cases, relevant memories are recovered without any unnecessary emotional disruption. 

We specialize in helping clients who have struggled to realize any sustainable or meaningful results through different approaches. Our program is built to outsmart your brain's protective mechanisms that can keep you trapped in self-deception and repetition. Our structured process helps you see how this pattern was created, how it tricks you into believing certain choices or behaviors are in your best interest and how to strategically and incrementally rewire. We teach your how to change your life - for the rest of your life.