The Self-Study
The Self-Study
The Self-Study
The Self-Study
The Self-Study
The Self-Study
The Self-Study
The Self-Study

The Self-Study

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There is a reason you've been stuck. Healing shouldn't take up years of your precious life. Sustainable emotional healing requires more than empty tissue boxes and endlessly telling your life story. Structured self-inquiry uses a scientific process to rapidly rewire your emotional responses for good. 

Meet The Self-Study

a 30 day self-inquiry journey that teaches you how to rewire your entire emotional response system so that you don't just know better - you DO BETTER. 

This 30 day interactive workbook includes:

✔️ 175 full-color, spiral bound, semi-gloss pages of potent self-inquiry

✔️ 31 powerful daily prompts to help you understand key concepts + how they impact your daily life

✔️ 31 micro-lessons to distill high-level information into streamlined + effective daily activities

✔️ 31 fieldwork exercises to apply the daily concept into your life in a meaningful + practical way

✔️ Daily agenda + task lists that help you rewire your self-sabotage patterns - instead of become a victim of it

✔️ Measurement + tracking tools to help you establish your emotional and behavioral baseline and acknowledge real-time progress

✔️ A one-on-one Accountability Advisor to help you answer questions, process work + set goals to optimize your experience with The Self-Study


BONUS Online Support Portal

Get the Most out of Your Journey

Follow along with workbook prompts as written in the workbook and use your online portal to access additional information on what to expect and how to get the most out of each day. Your portal includes day by day breakdowns of lessons including real work examples to help you move through the workbook efficiently. Reflection-based takeaway sections help you understand how to understand and use the information you extracted that day. You'll also receive access to our members-only Facebook group for questions, support + connection to Break Method facilitators, graduates and interns.

Package Options


The workbook comes with access to our online support portal and private FB group. Each area of the workbook is broken down with examples that help you get the most of our your 30 day experience. The daily prompts are also broken down in-depth on a day-by-day basis. These include what you need to know to get the most out of the day AND what you should have taken away from the day's lesson. These offer great opportunities for reflection and checkpoints on whether you're understanding the content presented.  


These workbook exercises can bring up A LOT. That's why they are so effective. We don't aim for superficial daily prompts that make you feel good but keep you repeating the same chaotic cycles you always do. Our goal is to go into the places that need attention and rewiring even when your own brain is resistant. If you struggle with self-sabotage or have a tendency to quit on yourself before you've even started - this option is for you. Your advisor will be there to keep you accountable, text you when you need a pick me up or answer questions you have on content that feels like it isn't quite making sense. This advisor is available to you as often as you need throughout the 60 days post-purchase. They will reach out to you within 24 hours of purchase to introduce themselves, provide their private scheduling link and offer some useful tips to make sure you get what you came for.