2020 is almost over and we are sure most of you are somewhere between taking a big deep relaxed breath and anticipating what on earth 2021 could possibly hold. Emotional Repatterning with Break Method helps you operate at 100% even when faced with uncertainty and global instability. To help you harness the emotional resiliency Break Method teaches we are offering this entire collection at 25% OFF from 12AM MST Wednesday 11/25 to 11:59PM MST Monday 11/30. 

Our Winter Semester of The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery opens for enrollment 1/1 and the course starts 1/15. We can only accommodate 200 students in each semester and our launch list is already well over that number. What does that mean for you? If you're on the fence, lurking and going back and forth on whether or not this approach is for you - jump into a Mini-Course with this discount offering. It'll give you a feel for what to expect in a bite-size package. You'll even get paired with a one-on-one accountability advisor to help you through the course content. 


Discount Code: ALMOSTOVER is active 11/25 @Midnight -11/30 @11:59PM MST