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The Mindblowing Reason You're Trapped In a Chaotic Cycle↓

What is Emotional Repatterning &
Why Is This Going To Work?

Emotional Repatterning is streamlined process that rewires your subconscious brain programming and emotional responses through interactive videos, structured self-inquiry workbooks, and an intentional blend of small group sessions and one-on-one appointments. Most students report that they had previously tried everything, unsuccessfully, before finding our program. [Think… EMDR, talk therapy and a stack full of self-help books that now adorn their bookshelf as reminders of still being stuck]

Here's the problem: each healing pathway mentioned previously manages only one aspect of the process. It would be like deciding which came first the chicken or the egg then picking only one and hoping for the best. Our behavior is part of a cycle of cause and effect, both conscious and subconscious. Both aspects must be rewired simultaneously and merged into a congruent set of directives.

Emotional Repatterning with Break Method addresses both your present moment conscious behavior and your subconscious programming. This allows you to rapidly change your behavior and internal thought processes in a sustainable, long-lasting way.

If you've ever read a self-help book then you've likely experienced feeling like you've understood a concept from the book then fall flat on your face when you actually try to apply said concept in real time. That's because the concept was only committed to your semantic memory and not part of your subconscious responses. This would be the same place you'd store information you've learned in school without having experienced the event yourself. You technically know better and in theory you'd choose differently until you're in the moment and your subconscious programming is triggered.

Break Method teaches you how to rapidly rewire your subconscious programming so that you can apply of the tools you're learning even when you're triggered. You'll learn how to become an intentional observer of your thoughts and behavior in the moment to create the life you want instead of relive the chaotic Groundhog Day cycle you currently find yourself living.


Stop Self-Sabotage & Rewire Relationship Communication

Before enrolling in Break Method, I believed I was a hopeless case. I'd spent years bouncing from one self-help method to another searching for answers. When I found Break, I realised that this was the first time I was actually being asked the right questions. The work is profound, which is why it can't be easy. It teaches that living one's truth is NOT about saying, 'Hell yes, this is just the way I am' and perpetuating that mindset as well as unconsciously using everyone around us to feed, and pander to, that mindset. Break really does break you wide open. You have to be willing to dismantle all those walls and shed those layers that have kept you feeling so comfortably unhappy for so long.”


MONA B. United Kingdom

2 APR 2018, 12:21

"My relationship with my wife has grown to a new level. The method in which we communicate with each other is stronger and more open than it has been in the previous 20 yrs. Second, patterns... probably the single most important thing i have done for myself, me family and my life as a whole is figure out what triggers my pattern and how to control or even eliminate them!"

BRIAN B. Massachusetts, USA

15 SEP 2018, 14:42

"Break Method was life changing for me. When I look back at how I used to respond to situations and people, I literally do not even recognize who that person was. For me, Break was like breathing, it made sense and was easy to implement into my life. I needed Break. It changed my entire life for the better. My relationships are better. My work life is better. Break works as long as you do the work. Break gives you the tools to change your life, you just have to use them, and continue to use them. I would recommend Break to anyone who is ready and willing to have the life they wish they had. It's a lot of work, but it is so worth it. You are worth it."


RACHEL C. Alberta, Canada

15 MAR 2019 14:42

It's Time to Shift from Heal-ING to Heal-ED

Intentional Blend of Individual Appointments, Small Group Sessions & Self-Study

The Emotional Repatterning Immersion Course includes an intentional sequence of in-depth video lectures, one on one appointments and small group sessions to help you apply practical tools to your everyday life - and that starts day one.

4 Units of Coursework to Rewire and Transform

The course is broken into 4 course units: DISCOVER [patterns of emotional addiction], CONNECT [cause + effect relationships], REWIRE [emotional response system + relationship communication] and SUSTAIN [actionable success after Break]. This won't be another course you sign-up for and never finish. We off built-in accountability at every turn and a facilitator personally invested in your success. Don't be surprised to get a phone call if you miss your group!

Includes Access to Break LIVE - a 2 Day Emotional Repatterning Conference

Our biannual Break LIVE events are a unique opportunity to connect with your classmates in-person as well as learn macro-level applications of Emotional Repatterning. Every event offers new and exciting workshop content from a variety of industry thought-leaders in addition to live podcast recording and panel discussions. One ticket is included in your course fee for the Emotional Repatterning Immersion Course.

When You Rewire Your Subconscious Programming, You Don't Have a Constant Need to Override Your Internal Dialogue

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The Emotional Repatterning Immersion is a 16-week program that teaches students to rewire patterns of emotional addiction through structured self-inquiry broken into 4 units: DISCOVER, CONNECT, REWIRE and SUSTAIN. Course is taught through  interactive webinar and lecture, Directed Storytelling® workbook exercises, LIVE small group sessions (no more than 25 per small group) and 2 one-on-one sessions with your BREAK facilitator. 


  • Fast-Acting - Your Breakthrough Begins Day One
  • Fuses Elements of Neuroscience with Spiritual Intelligence 
  • Sustainable - Students BECOME Their Own Teacher NOT dependent on a person or the course for future maintenance
  • Intense, Logical + Direct (Think: Tough Love)
  • Equally effective for Trauma, Emotional Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Stagnation or Lack of Direction
  • A Chance To Rewrite Generations of Emotional Patterning + Reinvent Your Parenting Style
  • Easy to Complete - Freedom to self-pace certain course sections with structure to help you FOLLOW THROUGH


  • NOT Financially co-dependent - we won't be pitching you any "follow-up" sessions or "but wait there's more"
  • NOT cyclical - No "so what do you think?" or "how does that make you feel? - coursework is directed and intentional
  • NOT a constant need for tissues - We don't stay in the wound and in fact we start to dissolve your emotional (+ chemical) attachment to the narrative Day ONE
  • NOT enabling - We motivate you to do the work and STAY accountable 

We can't stop stressful events from happening in your life but we can teach you how to respond to these events with a positive outcome that rewires your emotional addiction cycles INSTEAD of perpetuates them.You will learn what role you play in the communication exchange of these events, types of people and patterns you attract and HOW you can shift these relationships into a place that serves where you want to go with your life instead of put your pain and suffering on repeat.

The only thing in life you can control 100% is how you choose to RESPOND to life—and after BREAK you will be doing just that.

SPRING SEMESTER Intro content unlocks April 15th, 2020. 




All registration options include the full course,  all Small Group Sessions, (2) office  hour appointments, (1) Exit Interview and the optional 2-day BREAK Live Event in September 2020 and March 2021.

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