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Don’t see the answer to your question below? Call us anytime at 844-992-7325. All of our programs start as soon as you sign-up – no need to wait. As soon as we have you enrolled, our Onboarding Team will be in touch to set up an appointment time that works for you. 

Most students will need to commit 6-10 hours per week to their Break Method work.  You are able to move through your program as fast as you desire as long as you are retaining materials and your Behavior Strategist approves your pace. We are results-focused, that means if the pace you are trying to keep isn't going to yield the sustainable results we strive for, a recommended pace will be suggested. If you can only commit 3-4 hours per week, you can absolutely complete the program. It will typically take 20-22 weeks at that pace.

Break Method specializes in data extraction. Our process helps pinpoint the critical emotional inputs even if you struggle to remember your childhood. A variety of tools are utilized and in most cases, relevant memories are recovered without any unnecessary emotional disruption. 

We specialize in helping clients who have struggled to realize any sustainable or meaningful results through different approaches. Our program is built to outsmart your brain's protective mechanisms that can keep you trapped in self-deception and repetition. Our structured process helps you see how this pattern was created, how it tricks you into believing certain choices or behaviors are in your best interest and how to strategically and incrementally rewire. We teach your how to change your life - for the rest of your life. 

Client programs typically take 16 weeks to complete. Some clients need a slower pace to move through the programming and we are able to accommodate any pace you need to successfully finish. 

You have an entire team assembled to support your program. Your team is made up of a Behavior Strategist, a Client Support Specialist and a rotating team of advisors. Your team is selected based on your onboarding criteria. Once paired, you will have the same team for your entire program. If you'd like to make any team changes along the way, we are always willing to accommodate. 

We offer two distinct ways to pay. Pay in full is discounted and covers your tuition until your program is complete even if that takes 6 months. You can also pay monthly and this monthly payment will continue until you are finished with your program.  If you are homeless or living in a shelter, you are eligible for Financial Assistance. Please email: admin@breakmethod.com to request the financial assistance application.

We help you stop cycles of chaos & drama in your life - for good.

This time you’ll rewire the subconscious patterns responsible for repetitive behavior in your day to day life. Groundhog day stops now. Not sure where to start? Let’s get your Brain Pattern Assessment completed so we can help your carve out an efficient pathway to success.