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Complement Your Therapy Practice with a logic-based, process-oriented approach

The groundbreaking approach to rapid emotional rewiring that follows a logical, process-oriented format driven by data assessment, brain pattern mapping and individualized strategy. Take the quiz to see how Break Method fits best into your existing therapy practice.

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Break Method transforms the practitioner / client experience through its set sequence of data recall exercises paired with intentional pattern diagnostic assessments for the practitioner. This sequence allows both parties to gain a clear understanding of the goal, process required to reach the goal and potential roadblocks that may attempt to derail the client’s process.


A set sequence of appointments and at-home work, keeping the client actively engaged and on-task. Built in failsafes to catch client lies and self-deception.


A timeline of completion that equips therapy team to overcome self-sabotage roadblocks and achieve results.


Empowers the therapist to collaborate with the client on a final blueprint or contract to measure the efficacy of their work together.

We Are A Results-Driven Program
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Emotional Repatterning with Break Method

We are a results-driven program.

Break Method is an innovative systems approach to rapid emotional rewiring. We believe, if given the opportunity, the brain can and will deceive the client throughout the process of attempted healing. Emotional Repatterning with Break Method is built to bypass the brain’s inherent protective reflexes to uncover the pattern that operates beneath the surface – driving chaotic behavior and cycles on autopilot. Our approach is not soft, enabling or codependency-inducing. We train you to hold firm to the process, timeline and systematic assessments to get your clients sustainable results that create a generational ripple in the world.

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The Break Method process is the practice breakthrough you’ve been looking for. Increase program completion rates and results while decreasing your personal stress level.

A set sequence of appointments and at-home work, keeping the client actively engaged and on-task. Built in failsafes to catch client lies and self-deception.

A timeline of completion that equips therapy team to overcome self-sabotage roadblocks and achieve results.

A proprietary set sequence created specifically for 4 client groups: individual, couples, teens, and family systems.

Teaches a specific framework to combat excuse making, disinterest or learned helplessness.

Groundbreaking tools that streamline data extraction and pattern assimilation, yielding more accurate information to create rewiring strategy in a short period of time.

Why Choose Us

Why Clients Choose Break Method

Break Method focuses on sustainability. The results clients achieve throughout their program augment over time. Clients typically see a drastic reduction in emotional discomfort during the program with a complete reversal of most incoming complaints 30 days post-program completion. 

Program Goals Achieved Within 16 Weeks
Report Tools Start to Work By Week 3 of Program
Recommend Break Method to Others
Had Previously Tried Talk Therapy, CBT and / or EMDR

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How do we know Break works? The entire family, spouse, co-workers & friends typically join within 12 weeks.

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The Sustainable END to “See You Next Week.”

“See you next week” can be an intense underlying trigger for many clients. When a client doesn’t understand the timeline, process or container for their goals – they can burn out, become distracted or let their protective mechanisms trick them into evading the work. Break Method provides an intentional blend of education, support and therapy in a set sequence, with distinct and measurable goals and sustainable tools that will help YOU do your job better than you ever have before.

Efficient Processes

Efficient Processes

Our process-oriented approach helps you manage the relationship with consistency and effective rapport building. It also prevents clients from being able to manipulate the session flow to prevent you from doing your job.

Sustainable Results

Sustainable Results

Break Method equips your clients to take an active role in their emotional repatterning. With a focus on sustainability, clients learn how to continue the rewiring process for themselves after program completion. Life can always throw your clients a curve ball and we ensure they are prepared to use their tools to navigate the experience for growth instead of setback.

Clear Goals & Role Differentiation

Clear Goals & Role Differentiation

It can be challenging to enforce role differentiation. Every client has a different expectation or perception of the expectation. Break Method helps clients become clear on what is expected of them and at what points along the way. What does this mean for you? More energy and less frequent "managing" client expectations. In other words, a chance to stop feeling burned out.

Efficient Processes. Sustainable Results.
Clear Goals & Role Differentiation

We are here to shift the trajectory of Your client relationships.

Break Method empowers clients to rewire the patterns that run their lives on autopilot, restoring the childlike innocence and curiosity that we all deserve. The Break Method appointment sequence and program allows you to serve more clients while generate scalable revenue and enhancing clients outcomes.