Mini-Course for Personality

⬇️ And it’s not just “who you are” like you’ve been taught. There’s more to the story ⬇️
A Life-changing 4-part video series and workbook that helps you understand who you are, what made you that way and what you can *actually* do about it. 
Get ready to Transform Your Self-Expression, Communicate More Authentically, and Stop the Chaotic Patterns Created by Your Personality
Ever feel like you are showing up as your authentic SELF only to be misunderstood, blamed or rejected? If so, keep reading
  • Your personality expression often feels responsible for the chaos in your life
  • Your communication style leads to outbursts, drama, misunderstanding leading or conflict
  • People-pleasing and  self-doubt seem to be the only way you function
  • Your personality is NOT static and THERE IS something you can do about it
  • Your cycle of self-sabotage is perpetuated by your personality
What is Included in the SESSION?
  • 4 Interactive Videos to watch prior to your session to prepare
  • Workbook exercises to accompany your video lectures
  • Dedicated Advisor for Support and paperwork processing 
See What Our Clients Are Saying
Break Method is a way to come back to who you were meant to be. Peel away all the stories you created to protect yourself that play in the back of your mind… then choose to take a new road. The stories are persistent, but Break Method is a light that won’t let you play small in the dark anymore.”
Rachel B.
Break Client & Nurse Practitioner
“I was such a people-pleaser before taking Break and I rarely expressed my true personality because I was so afraid of rejection. After Break, I am not only able to express myself fully, but I finally feel comfortable in my own skin
Joe C.
Break Client, Podcast Host & Ultra Marathon Runner
Does This Sound Like You?

☑️ You want to be accepted and loved by the people around you, but you constantly feel awkward or misunderstood

☑️ You struggle with self-expression and default to people-pleasing or internal dialogue that leaves you frustrated

☑️ You get easily triggered by conversations and you don’t know how to stop

☑️ You read into EVERYTHING and self-destruct before the conversation ever gets productive

☑️ You experience self-sabotage at work or at-home and you are ready to learn how to stop the cycle

If You Said Yes to at Least One of Those, This MINI-COURSE IS is For You
Imagine being able to express yourself without feeling anxiety or self-doubt. Can you hold the vision of entering an important conversation without feeling intimidated by the other person? Can you imagine not going into communication so angry that you blow up and ruin any chance of having a productive conversation?

Learning how to transform the expression of your personality leads to job confidence, deeper relationships, becoming a better parent, and an emotionally intelligent leader.

This is Why Other Attempts Have Failed to Create Sustainable Change
Many self-help or therapy methods teach you what you should be doing but not how to do it – practically speaking. You know the terminology and probably even weaponize against yourself and others but when push comes to shove, you default to the autopilot version of yourself. Ever wonder why? Because you only committed this information to your semantic memory.
What does that mean?
You can take a quiz on it and pass, but when you’re in the moment, your brain does not yet default to this behavior.
In order to get us to AUTOMATICALLY act in the way that we truly want to, we have to go deeper than our semantic memory and wire those new patterns into our subconscious.
That is the level we work on in Break Method.
Your Transformation Begins on Day One
Powerful 4-Video Series
Workbook + Interactive Exercises
Dedicated Advisor for Support
Act Fast: This Offer Will Expire Soon
Bizzie Gold
Chief Behavior Strategist

Bizzie Gold is a mental health industry disruptor and one of the top personal development and wellness experts in the world. She is the Founder of Break Method, a comprehensive system of structured self-inquiry, online courses and in-person curricula created to rapidly rewire the emotional response system and stop systems of behavior that create chaos and relationship friction. She has been a featured workshop presenter and speaker at some of the most prestigious wellness institutes including Omega Institute, Kripalu and 1440 Multiversity. Gold has also appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, E!, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post  among others to discuss her unique approach to rapid emotional repatterning that has garnered widespread Hollywood and media praise. 

Gold’s work presents thought-provoking insights on the causal relationship between childhood emotional patterning, subjective perception of reality and behavioral expressions in adulthood. With a background in hypnotherapy and energetic anatomy, Gold has created a process that allows students and practitioners to access important information from the subconscious without being blocked or mislead by the client’s self-deception protective reflex. Break Method helps clients and practitioners assimilate diagnostic patterns that inform the rewiring strategy for an 8-part brain constellation of chemically influenced behavioral expressions.