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Welcome to Your Challenge Portal



Dare we ask how your 2020 is going so far? This period of 🌎global uncertainty sure feels like the PERFECT excuse to let all of your worst habits creep in, right? ❌ WRONG. 


Despite the meme-rich disaster that is the year 2020, THIS is a pivotal moment. It’s a moment in time where you can decide to let yourself sink into self-destruction and depression OR you can choose to make the conscious effort to come out of 2020 BETTER than you went into it. 

This Challenge is one of the ways you’re going to #comeoutbetter.

This challenge requires you to face the darkest parts of yourselves. The parts that run your brain on autopilot and force you to believe that you’re not enough, not worthy of love or a failure that will always be rejected. Despite how real these thoughts feel at times - THESE STATEMENTS ARE LIES. Your brain created these lies in an attempt to keep you safe. When you were little, you were not in control of your environment; you couldn’t choose your family or your school or your cultural upbringing. Your brain created these limited rules to keep you safe in the environment where you were POWERLESS. You are no longer that child. You need not give your power away. THESE RULES NO LONGER APPLY. 

During the next 9 days, you are going to find out WHO you are, WHAT made you who you are and IF that still serves where you’re trying to go with your life. This challenge will be uncomfortable and triggering at times.  It will challenge you to shine a flashlight on the hidden places in your psyche that hold you back. Stay the course and keep breathing. Together we are going to help you direct your destiny [and tell 2020 where to shove it.

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Welcome Video with Bizzie Gold 

Meet the Team Leaders↓


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1. Daily prompt posts will be put in our closed facebook forum called Emotional Repatterning. This group is PRIVATE and only accessible to graduates of our program, facilitators, interns and challenge participants. You can do your post as a video answering the prompt, no time limit, or you can write your post out. Be sure to tag @bizziegold @keridorman @joecorcione and the name of your team leader if you have one. This way we will all be alerted to provide feedback on your post or answer any questions you might have. 
2. It's not too late to invite your friends, family or co-workers. Feel free to share the challenge link with anyone you want! As long as the person has a post for each day by the 29th, they will be eligible to win prizes at the end. 

Video Lectures [ watch in order ]

1. Break Method Tools + Tips for Starting Self-Inquiry Work

2. How to Step Self-Sabotage

3. LIVE Lecture: Why We Go Into the Depths & How to Use What We Find - click HERE to register July 29th 1-2pm PST


Daily Prompts

Each day of the challenge corresponds to a challenge prompt. This prompt includes a micro-lesson as well as a fieldwork assignment. You can answer this prompt on your own or you can share your answers to these prompts in our closed Facebook Group for our accountability advisors to jump in and help you dig deeper. To be eligible for one of the three GRAND PRIZES, all daily prompts must be posted in the Facebook Group.

Do your best to tap into your raw truth. Often, when we reach the things that are true, they are the things that are embarrassing or disgusting and we've spent our lifetime trying to pretend that they aren't there. This is your chance to put it all out there. Everyone that is participating in the challenge is going through the same process. We are all trusting each other and allowing ourselves to pour out the entire truth - no matter how scary or embarrassing.

Our team of coaches can ONLY when help you when you put yourself out there. It's WHY you're here. Do the work. Go deep and remember, we can't heal from the wounds we refuse to acknowledge or pretend aren't really there. Getting TRIGGERED means we are going in the right direction. This isn't a "safe space", box-of-kleenex, no trigger zone spiritual circle - this is the hard work that gets rapid results. 

Day One: What’s in the BASKET? - July 21st

Throughout your childhood, the sponge that is your brain constantly seeks opportunities to learn rules about how to exist in its environment. While you play out these cause and effect experiments in your day to day life, you also receive intention inputs from the people around you - DO THIS. DO THAT. DO IT THIS WAY. OUR FAMILY DOES IT THIS WAY. DO IT THIS WAY OR YOU’LL GO TO HELL. etc. These inputs all get placed into the basket that makes up your IDENTITY.

Many of you age and never question WHAT went into YOUR basket. Your brain is so distracted with conducting its own daily experiments that you passively and subconsciously become patterned with the influence of the people around you, your culture, your religion and your ideological belief systems. You date, you marry, you bring kids into this world - all the while never doing the deep work to figure out WHAT went into your basket, HOW it influences your internal or external behavior and WHAT you can do about it.

So today's food for thought: What went into your IDENTITY basket? What inner conflict does it elicit in you? How does it impact how you perceive the world around you? Has it influenced how you talk? What type o partner you’ve chosen to be with? How you parent? How you eat? How you practice spirituality? How you discipline your children? What types of friends you have? What goals you think are worthy of achieving in your life? When you get married? 

So the challenge is: What’s in your basket and how did it influence the formation of your identity? What needs to be taken out of the basket or evaluated to see if it’s there “just because” or if you’re claiming it with intention.


In a society that pushes the concept of spring cleaning your house or closet, I’ve always wondered why the same concept isn’t applied to your friends and family list?

Think about it like your closet - is that shirt so 5 years ago? Did you lose weight and now those pants don’t fit? You have no idea why you thought that was fashionable and now it’s taking up space in your closet? YEP. 

Swap all of those statements out for the people you keep close company with physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. You outgrow relationships just like you outgrow clothes. You also allow relationships to turn to dysfunction if you aren’t checking up on them frequently. 

This is not about cutting people out - it’s about seeing what relationships need evaluation for new boundaries, communication, energetic giving and receiving or an exit strategy. The first step is taking an honest look at who you share the most of our time, energy and thoughts.

Today's challenge: what 5 people do you spend the most time thinking about, taking care of, communicating with or mentally fixating on? For each person, describe the type of relationship [ex. mom, wife, husband, ex-boyfriend, etc] sometimes these people are not actually in our lives but we spend so much time and energy thinking about them that they still belong on the list. This can also include people who have passed away. Honesty is the key here. For each person acknowledge 3 things: have you evolved together? do you equally give and receive in the relationship? what boundaries need to be put in place for the relationship to be equal or evolving in the right direction?

Day Three: YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS - July 23rd

If your brain is inside of your body and your brain thinks a thought then… the thought is automatically yours, right?


Many of the thoughts that you have throughout the day oscillate from irrational and annoying to completely insane and horrifying. So, one of the most important things you need to learn how to do is become an observer of your thoughts instead of being the one thinking them. If you shift into an observational role, you can learn to assess patterns that exist in your negative internal dialogue.

It’s important to remember the defining line between actively thinking something; intentional information processing or trying to remember a date, versus; subconscious chatter that is often driven by our internal emotional wounds. This chatter may be obvious to you or you may have attempted to “tune it out” over the years. One thing is for certain: it’s still there, whether you consciously acknowledge it or not.

You need to learn how to observe this chatter instead of allow the chatter to passively play in the background or consciously disrupt your efforts to be loved, feel successful, organized or free. 

So, how do you begin this process of observation? 

At first glance, this process can make some of you feel uneasy or out of control. It may bring up a distinct feeling of dissociation or the disconnection or separation of something from something else. Simply thinking that your brain could / would  & does think things that does not originate from your intent can trigger dissociation. It’s important to remember that you are intentionally dissociating from the negative self-talk voice that has masquerades all these years as YOU. 

That voice does not have your true present desires and intentions in mind. That voice is only created by your brain’s early childhood experiences and their adaptations to cope, survive or avoid the pain in their environment. 

That voice is now your biggest enemy; holding you back from the things you actually want to achieve or attain. So you have to tune back in. You have to temporarily thicken up our skin. You have to LISTEN, record but not act upon these thoughts. 

At times, this may feel challenging. You have likely tuned out of a reason. This voice instills fear and if you don’t meet that irrational and harmful thought with actionable logic, you will stay stuck in your perpetual cycle of chaos and sabotage. 

It’s time to listen and record. Are you ready?

Today's Challenge is to summarize the categories of irrational thoughts you observe throughout the day. When do you first remember feeling this way? Do you remember a pivotal moment that made you fixate on this particular thought process? If you watched the video lecture that describes tools, this is a great chance to do a Directed Meditation on the origin of these irrational thoughts. BONUS points for doing the Directed Meditation and posting about your experience with the tool on your challenge post. 

Day Four: Emotional Homeostasis: What is it and why does it cause us to repeat painful cycles of the past? - July 24th

Ho·me·o·sta·sis: the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

Your body becomes chemically addicted to the emotions you experience with high frequency in childhood. These patterns then serve to influence your daily behavior, choices, actions and labeling of your environment in an effort to bring you BACK to homeostasis. The problem is: THIS homeostasis is not where you THRIVE - it’s where you survive.  

Today’s challenge: What were the most common emotions you experienced during childhood? What did those emotions FEEL like in your body? What was your behavioral response? Would you HIDE, YELL, MANIPULATE, ATTEMPT TO CONTROL YOUR OUTCOME? When we get clear on what experiences created our emotional homeostasis, we can begin the work required to see how these emotional patterns are currently influencing your present behavior and decision-making.

Day Five: PIVOTAL MOMENTS - July 25th

** This challenge prompt starts with a Directed Meditation. The directions for this tool are in the video lecture at the top of the page. The directions for this tool set begins around 31 minutes.

The process: Step 1: Take 5 minutes to breath deeply from your nose to your root, hold for 5 seconds before returning the exhale from the nose. 

Step 2: Find a comfortable place - away from noise, distractions and other environmental stimulus. Give your subconscious the following directive:

“I am requesting access to the three pivotal moments that made me who I am today; 3 ages or moments in time that changed my life forever. I will use this information appropriately and intentionally for my emotional healing.”


Step 3: Let the information and images flow. Do not allow yourself to judge or define the images or thoughts. Just let them out into your mind’s eye in rapid succession.

Step 4: After 10-15 minutes of this meditation, bring yourself out of it and take 5 minutes to organize yourself before you put pen to paper.

Step 5: Do your best to describe what you saw, what ages and what moments of impact influenced the person you’d become.

The challenge: What ages or moments in time influenced you the most? What did these moments force you to learn, reconcile or understand about your position in the world?  What is the common theme in the moments your brain presented?

Day Six: Relationship SOS 🚨 Don’t be a walking-talking MEME - July 26th


Here’s the challenge: For each of the 5 people you spend the most time with, energy on, from Challenge Day 2, dig into what topics of conflict you experience with each person. Remember that conflict doesn't have to mean fighting verbally or physically. Conflict can be as simple as a lack of alignment or not being in agreement on how to do something or what type of way. Some common themes of conflict might be crossed boundaries, communication issues, money or parenting disagreements, sex drive or lack of sex drive, organization and planning, and big picture decision making. There are of course others but this should give you a head start. List each person and what two types of conflicts you experience with that person the most. What needs to be said? What actions or behaviors need to change?

Day Seven: Ping Pong Match of Doom - July 27th

Communication is like a game of ping pong. You often get stuck in a set way of serving and hitting the ball. You establish this pattern of play with the people that you spend the most time with

Challenge: Tell us how you play and what needs to TRANSFORM to change the relationship interactions in your life? 


  • WHO DO YOU PLAY PING PONG WITH? ** think about the people from Challenge Day 5
  • DO ANY OF THESE PING PONG GAMES MIRROR CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES THAT YOU OBSERVED OR ENGAGED IN [i.e. do you fight like your parents? do you exhibit any body language or voice tone nuances of a person from your past?]


Day Eight: PASSIVE OR ACTIVE? - July 28th

Often you navigate your way into adulthood without evaluating whether your spiritual or religious belief system is PASSIVE or ACTIVE. You take twists and turns with your conscious definition of spirituality - ebbing and flowing with what you learn until one day - BAM. “You mean I can’t just write it down on a piece of paper and put it in my manifestation box?No dude. You’re missing the MAJOR + CRITICAL element of ACTION. 

You have to take an active role in co-creating our reality NO MATTER what you believe in. Maybe it’s Jesus (Walk with him and ask him to help you take action). Maybe it’s the Law of Attraction. (Follow up your manifestation with action toward that end). Maybe it's that you don't believe in anything and that all life is quasi-organized chaos (Focus needs to actively shift to self-generated confidence without control issues - this belief system is often where we see sneaky control issues sneak up)

Overall the point is: don’t sit around on your couch doing the opposite of what you want while passively complaining about how things don’t work out for you. PRAY about it then DO it. MEDITATE on it then take action and help the process along. Set intentional, measurable goals to focus your follow-through. Doing your part is NOT LACK OF FAITH - it’s CO-CREATION in action.




Today’s challenge: Is your spirituality PASSIVE or ACTIVE? What can you do to augment your belief system to manifest AND take action on your life? What do you want and what are you going to make your dreams, hopes and prayers a REALITY?

Day 9: Who Am I? - July 29th - LAST DAY


You dug in and sifted around what went into the MAKING of your IDENTITY and BEHAVIORAL patterns. Now it's time to ask yourselves the big question: WHERE am I lying to myself or pretending to be something I’m not? One of the things that holds you back the most in the transformational process is successfully convincing people you're healed and living your best life - when you know deep down you're anxious, miserable or empty inside.

When you get validation for your success in healing, many of you stop doing the work necessary to KEEP moving in the right direction. This requires HONESTY in both the inquiry and commitment process. For many of you, your fear of failure or fear of success kicks in when you speak your TRUE desires into existence  BUT why else have you come this far? 

Today's challenge: What are you holding back, lying about and where do you need to PRESS ALL THE WAY IN? What do you want our community to hold you accountable to achieve?



A loving reminder about seemingly positive ways you can still pull yourself into your emotional imbalance pattern and lose your boundaries...

 And don't forget to tune into our LIVE webinar TODAY, July 29th. 

I'll be announcing the 3 grand prize winners and giving the entire challenge group a few special surprises!

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