BREAK Method: The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery

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Complete All 12-Weeks of BREAK Online. If you reach graduation and BREAK hasn't changed your life, receive your money back. 


The Break Method Online Course is a 12-16 week, self-paced online program in which students undergo therapeutic transformation. Students learn through interactive webinars, lectures, Directed Storytelling® workbook exercises and LIVE group sessions to rewire their emotional responses and live free of emotional addiction, self-sabotage, destruction and psychological disorders.

Living every day with anxiety, fear, worry, pain or stagnation is 100% optional. You DON’T have to suffer through life. This program CAN and WILL free you from the emotions that get you down and make you feel trapped and that TRANSFORMATION begins immediately.

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  • Fast-Acting - Your Breakthrough Begins Day One
  • Fuses Neuroscience with Intuitive Intelligence 
  • Sustainable - Students BECOME Their Own Teacher
  • Intense, Logical + Direct (Think: Tough Love)
  • Equally effective for Trauma, Emotional Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Stagnation or Lack of Direction
  • A Chance To Rewrite Generations of Emotional Patterning + Reinvent Your Parenting Style
  • Easy to Complete in an At-Home Pace


  • NO Financial Co-Dependence or Follow-Up “Coaching”
  • NO Traditional Talk Therapy “So What Do You Think?” (Yuck.)
  • NO Weekly “Unpacking of Wounds” - We STOP Your Attachment to the Storyline Not Perpetuate It
  • NO Passive Dependence on a Therapist - Active Participation is the Key
  • NO  Enabling Relationships - Active Accountability ONLY 

can’t promise you that rest of your life is going to be stress-free or that bad things won’t happen to you.

I CAN promise you that after you complete of BREAK you’ll have life-long tools to ease through life stressors with grace, ease and confidence.

The only thing in life you can control 100% is how you choose to RESPOND to life—and after BREAK you will be doing just that.


Pay In Full: $1567 

All registration options include the full course, all Small Group Sessions, (2) office hour appointments, (1) Exit Interview and the optional 2-day BREAK Live Event March 2-3rd, 2019 at Andaz in Scottsdale, AZ.

Payment Plans:

Deposit + 1 Payment: 2 Payments of $799

Deposit + 2 Payments: 3 Payments of $530

Custom Payment Plans:

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Couples Track Pay In Full: $2,350 

Couple would receive two user accounts and be required to opt into different small group time slots. Couples will have certain work assigned together at the discretion of the practitioner. The majority of the coursework will be completely individually and privately to maintain the integrity of the individual experience. Participating in the course together allows your relationship to use a new lexicon of language to create transformation in your relationship as well as hold up an objective mirror to your behaviors, thoughts and emotional responses as both an individual AND in the context of your relationship. This program helps couples see aspects of their behavior and interactions that has previously gone undetected or has resulted in repeated conflict. This program can and will help you transform your communication style, adjust perceptions of each other's lives and integrate tools that help you thrive not only as individuals but as a couple.