Introduction to Emotional Repatterning  + Confidence

Introduction to Emotional Repatterning + Confidence

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This introductory course and workbook will teach you how to uncover the source belief pattern that runs your life on autopilot. You'll also learn fast-acting tools to stop anxiety and irrational thoughts in their tracks. Course includes 7-part lecture series, workbook, Facebook Forum access, how-to-video gallery for homework and toolkits and a dedicated one:one Accountability Advisor [assigned to you when you register].

The course content begins with 5 intentionally sequenced videos that teach you the keystones of Emotional Repatterning, discovering source belief patterns and learning to rewire your instinctive emotional response with logic and intuition. The course wraps up with 2 BONUS videos that teach you how to apply these concepts specifically to creating sustainable self-generated confidence and overcoming perceived obstacles.