Relationship Strategy - Online Course (Limited Time Discount)

Relationship Strategy - Online Course (Limited Time Discount)

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This 6 part series teaches you how to stop the relationship chaos in a meaningful and sustainable way.

This isn't a course where we simply tell you what to say, we actually rewire your subconscious so what you say becomes AUTOMATIC instead of white knuckled. We accomplish this with engaging [ + comedic] video lecture content and workbook exercises. Course access includes video lecture content with accompanying PDF lecture slides, a course workbook to organize your information and assess patterns, a private Facebook group to help you answer questions or apply tools from lecture content and access to a one-on-one accountability advisor.

You'll receive course access as soon as you're finished checking out. You'll be prompted to set-up your account. Follow these steps and you'll have immediate access. 


** course fees are 100% non-refundable as this is an online course with PDF content delivered immediately