The Relationship Strategy Session Intro Course

The Relationship Strategy Session Intro Course

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Relationship communication is an essential part of our daily lives and most of us experience friction in our ability to communicate to the people around us or feel misunderstood or undervalued in what we are trying to say. This course is going to change all of that. Whether you struggle communication with friends, colleagues, family or even intimate partners - this course will help you rewire the subconscious rules your brain has created to keep you "safe." These faulty assumptions are actually what is forcing you to alter your body language, voice tone and reactivity in a subconscious attempt to create chaos and friction.

This 8 part series teaches you how to save your current relationships [shift communication patterns + stop faulty assumptions], get out of a toxic ones [uncover subconscious programming that creates and / or attracts chaos] or finally start / attract the relationships you've always wanted [rewire labeling + perception of the world around you to shatter old dating paradigms]. And YES - it's the same approach to all three. Intimate. Platonic - doesn't matter. If you're ready to shift from friction to ease, this course is for you.

In order to achieve this lofty goal, you'll have to learn to address the subconscious behavior that creates the very situation in which you currently find yourself. We accomplish this with engaging [ + comedic] video lecture content and workbook exercises. Course access includes 7 full-length lectures with accompanying PDF lecture slides, a course workbook to organize your information and assess patterns, a private facebook group to help you answer questions or apply tools from lecture content and access to optional one-on-one sessions. 

You'll receive course access as soon as you're finished checking out. You'll be prompted to set-up your account. Follow these steps and you'll have immediate access. Course content comes with a suggested workflow by week to complete the course content in 6 weeks. 


** course fees are 100% non-refundable as this is an online course with PDF content delivered immediately