Brain Pattern Assessment for Toxic Relationships

↓ We believe most relationships are worth fighting for – here’s what’s holding you back ↓
A Life-changing Brain Pattern Assessment, video series and workbook that helps you understand who you are, what made you that way and what you can *actually* do about it.  Designed to to End Toxicity, Help You Determine if Your Relationship is Worth Saving, and Stop Recreating Cycles of Chaos
Relationships Should Be Filled With Peace and Intimacy – Not Toxicity.

             This Brain Pattern Assessment will help you:

  • Stop toxicity from perpetuating by transforming the way you interact in your relationship
  • Explore the mechanisms of toxicity so you can dodge them when they occur
  • Learn what is really causing gaslighting in your relationships
  • Shift the chaotic cycle to establish if the relationship is worth saving
  • Alter communication and boundaries to stop interacting with the toxic cycle 
What is Included in the Course?
  • 2 Foundational Videos 
  • Workbook + Exercises to Extract Data from the Videos
  • One-on-One Behavior Strategy Session on Zoom
  • Complete Brain Pattern Assessment
  • PDF Report on Assessment
  • Roadmap to Rewire Strategy Recommendations
See What Our Students Are Saying
My relationship with my wife has grown to a new level. The way in which we communicate with each other is stronger and more open than it has been in the previous 20 years. Probably the single most important thing I have done for myself, family and life as a whole is, figured out what triggers my patterns and how to control or even eliminate them”
Brian B.
Break Student
“Break Method has been an absolute revolution for me, personally. It’s given me an introspective lens through which I can see myself objectively— especially in regards to how I perceive and approach others and the intentions on both sides. It’s given me the tools to navigate my relationships and form a stronger bond with those that are healthy and fulfilling, and the courage to release those that no longer serve my growth.”
Erin G.
Break Student
Does This Sound Like You?

☑️ You feel like you could be in a toxic relationship, but you’re unsure of what next steps to take 

☑️ You continuously find yourself dating the same type of chaotic person over and over again, but you want to break the cycle

☑️ You want to have peaceful, meaningful, and productive discussions about your relationship issues with your partner, but you don’t know the best way to do so

☑️ You see your partner as a gaslighter, narcissist, or puppet-master, and you want to stop feeling like you’re being manipulated

☑️ You’re on the last straw in your relationship and you want to find out if the relationship is salvageable or if you should quit while you’re ahead.

If You Said Yes to At Least One of Those, Break Method is About to Change Your Life.
What would your life be like if you were not only able to end the toxicity in your relationship, but you were actually able to create intimacy, passion, and joy instead? What if you didn’t have to feel like an emotional slave to your relationship, and instead, you felt like a real PARTNER in your relationship?
Our program has helped many couples achieve this and we are confident that it can do the same for you.
Inner freedom starts here.
No, We’re Not Going to Force You to Break Up With Your Partner

In fact, many people who go through our program actually SAVE their relationship and stop the toxic patterns that have been creating chaos in the past. Not only do they save the relationship, but they also reach a deeper level of connection they’ve never reached before.

But how is that possible if I am in a toxic relationship right now?!,” you may be asking…
This course will teach you how the toxic cycle is created and how you are interacting with it in a way the continues the cycle. We’ve seen many students in the program who felt their relationships were too toxic to save and graduated realizing exactly what parts of the cycle they are emotionally addicted to, interact with and sadly perpetuate.
What does this mean? In many case toxicity is a two way street. The sooner we begin to understand the cycle and the subtle nuances of how it starts, how it is played out and with what body language, voice tone and assumptions, we can disrupt the pattern and break the cycle.
In some cases, your partner COULD actually be intentionally creating the chaos. But until you accurately assess YOUR contribution, YOUR emotional responses, and what programmed YOUR behaviors, it doesn’t serve you to throw all the blame towards your partner.
We’re here with love and open arms to help you through the self-discovery process so you can free yourself from toxic relationships.
Your Transformation Begins on Day One at a Price You Can Afford
2 Video Lectures
Workbook + Exercises
One-on-one Appointment with Behavior Strategist
Complete Brain Pattern Assessment
PDF Report of Pattern Diagnostics & Roadmap to Rewire
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Your Instructor:
Bizzie Gold

Bizzie Gold is regarded as one of the top personal development and wellness experts in the world. She is on the board of SIRA – Self-Injury Recovery Anonymous, in addition to teaching at Clearview Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for teen girls. Gold is an author, keynote speaker and podcast host who has been a featured  at some of the most prestigious wellness institutes in the world including Omega Institute, Kripalu and 1440 Multiversity. Gold has also appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, E!, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post  among others to discuss her unique approach to rapid emotional repatterning that has garnered widespread Hollywood and media praise. 

Gold’s work presents thought-provoking insights on the causal relationship between childhood emotional patterning, subjective perception of reality and behavioral expressions in adulthood. With a background in hypnotherapy and energetic anatomy, Gold has created a process that allows students and practitioners to access important information from the subconscious without being blocked or misled by the client’s self-deception protective reflex. Break Method helps clients and practitioners assimilate diagnostic patterns that inform the rewiring strategy for a 8-part brain constellation of chemically influenced behavioral expressions. Gold’s emotional repatterning system has over 3,000 graduates in 20 countries and a variety of psychologists, psychiatrists, naturopaths, social workers and professional counselors dedicated to bringing Break Method into the mental health sector worldwide