Brain Pattern Assessment for Women

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A Powerful Brain Pattern Assessment with a 2-Video Series & Workbook
Designed to Rewire Confidence + Body Image, Cultivate Sustainable Self-Esteem, and Finally Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Start Saying YES and Stop Living a Life of MAYBE

In this Brain Pattern Assessment, you will learn why you struggle with…

  • Self-confidence and the subconscious beliefs that prevent you from enjoying your life
  • Self-worth and  body-image issues that block you from experiencing vulnerability and trust in relationships
  • Negative stories you tell yourself or painful memories you relive to make yourself feel powerless
  • Seeking external validation to build yourself up in external and unhealthy ways
  • Anxiety, fear or depression anytime you get close to getting what you want in life
Start Saying YES and Stop Living a Life of MAYBE

In this course, you will learn how to…

  • Cultivate confidence instantly + sustainably by rewiring the subconscious beliefs that prevent you from enjoying your life
  • Gain lasting self-worth and belief in yourself so you can resolve body-image issues, your relationships, and roadblocks to achieving your biggest dreams
  • Shatter through the self-doubting stories you tell yourself so that you can bolster your self-esteem and take on any challenge with conviction
  • Starve off your need for external validation by practically becoming secure within yourself
  • Build your emotional resiliency by learning how to instantly diffuse anxiety + fear in any high-stakes moment
What is Included in the Course?
  • Powerful 2-Video Series
  • Workbook + Exercises
  • Behavior Strategy Zoom Session
  • Complete Brain Pattern Assessment
  • PDF Report and Roadmap to Rewire Strategy
See What Our Students Are Saying
“The rate at which my life is appearing before my eyes as a result of this work is truly unbelievable and the greatest gift. A nearly impossible situation has turned into the greatest opportunity. I am fully aware of my life’s purpose and I’m already living it daily. I cannot wait to bring this program to those that I love and anyone who is ready for true and lasting change”
Adrienne G. 
Break Student
“This program was hands-down the most life-shifting thing for me.  Within 6 months of starting, my entire life changed. I grew up more in those 6 months than the entire 30 years prior.You won’t be stuck doing it alone or without support either. You have a personal accountability team to help you through the entire process.”
Cheyanna K.
Break Student
Does This Sound Like You?

☑️ You struggle with self-doubt, harmful self-critique, and a need for external validation that gets in the way of the life you know you were meant to live

☑️ You have troubles with body-image and cultivating self-worth, but you long to finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

☑️ You constantly second-guess yourself and have a hard time going ALL IN on the important things in life

☑️ You struggle with commitment and actually following through towards the things you know you want to do

☑️ You frequently fall into patterns of self-sabotage, such as constantly overanalyzing, jumping to conclusions, and procrastination

If You Said Yes to at Least One of Those, This Course is For You

Even though you’re struggling with cultivating that sense of inner power and REAL confidence, know that confidence is a skill that you can LEARN and can build from the ground up with the right tools.

And once you’re able to finally live your life with confidence, you’ll be able to unlock that sense of self-worth you’ve been looking for you’re entire life that leads to achieving your biggest goals, creating fulfilling relationships, and finally enjoying your life to the fullest.

Sorry, You Can’t READ Your Way to Building Confidence
Most self-help books, motivational speeches, and seminars are based purely on philosophy, motivation, and positivity. Those aspects can help, but they miserably fail to address the driving force behind your self-sabotaging behavior, lack of self-worth + body-image issues, and craving for external validation: your subconscious beliefs and patterns that completely run your life on autopilot.
Think about it: you read that self-help book and feel completely motivated in the moment; but the next time you take a look in the mirror and see yourself, the feelings of shame, disgust, and sadness seem to flood into your body without any control. That is your subconscious at work, and THAT is what we have to change in order for you to fully enjoy your life.
That’s why this course focuses completely on rewiring those destructive beliefs so that you can finally feel fully comfortable in your own skin. You’ll be able to walk through life with an authentic and powerful sense of self-worth and belief that you CAN take on the world.
It’s Time to Stop Seeking External Validation + Living With Self-Doubt
Powerful 2-Part Video Series
Workbook + Exercises
Behavior Strategy Session via Zoom
Complete Brain Pattern Assessment & PDF Report
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Your Instructor:
Bizzie Gold

One of the world’s top Personal Development + Wellness Experts, Bizzie Gold has been a featured presenter at Kripalu, Omega Institute and 1440 Multiversity to share her unique approach to sustainable transformation that has garnered widespread praise in the wellness community.

Gold’s thought-provoking insights on the causal relationship between childhood emotional patterning, group-think behaviors and perception of reality, create a carefully curated space to push the audience through cognitive dissonance. Gold’s work is practical, actionable and inspires audience members to align with their life’s purpose in order to mobilize their communities to create a future without echoes of the past.