Stop Living Life
On Repeat

The no B.S. approach to rewire your entire emotional response system + transform your behavior for good.


Your relationships always turn out the same + you’re ready to stop the chaos ASAP


You know you have work to do BUT nothing ever seems to work [ + you don’t actually know what you’re doing wrong ]


You’re deep in your addictions or coping mechanisms + you’re starting to lose control

Students describe the ⚡ MAGIC of Break Method


It's A MIRACLE. Before I Started Break, I Felt So Helpless + Confused. I Felt Like I Had Tried Everything And Constantly Had To Rely On External Forces In Order To Feel “Better." The Course Content Is So Interesting That I Could Honestly Study It Over And Over Again And Never Get Bored. I Rave About Break To All Of My Friends And Feel Like I Have Finally Come Home To MyselfBreak Is Hands Down The Best Gift I Ever Could Have Given Myself.


Los Angeles, CA


Break Method really sheds light on all the daily actions you take on auto-pilot. It helps you understand what you choose and why you act or react in a certain way. Armed with more self-awareness and a deeper self-knowledge, it teaches you tools to make long lasting changes in any area of your life.  As you apply these concepts, you gain back power over your life and understand your responsibility in your own happiness. Break Method helps you do all of this with the support of a community of peers and facilitators, so you're not alone on this journey.

Erika B.

San Francisco, CA


I wish I had Break Method years ago. I've spent too much time, energy and money trying to help myself with other programs or coaches. Thank you Bizzie Gold for showing us how to do it ourselves in a sustainable way and keeping us accountable. Trust me, I wanted to quit many times during the program but my facilitator stayed on me. I wouldn't have finished without her accountability and support. Thank you to the Break team. I feel empowered with this information and ready to conquer life in a whole new way. Watch out world.

Toni B.

Detroit, MI


"Break has the components that make spiritual and emotional transformation tangible and productive in day to day life. It has been a missing piece for me in years of working on myself. It is structured, incremental, and there is great support for real change that affects every single aspect of your life for the better. It’s very powerful for partners to do together - a shared language and process of change and growth while also working on themselves individually. I cannot recommend Break enough."

Sara G.

New York, NY


Before Break Method, I believed I was a hopeless case. I'd spent years bouncing from one self-help method to another searching for answers. When I found Break, I realised that this was the first time I was actually being asked the right questions. The work is profound, which is why it can't be easy. Break really does break you wide open but you have to be willing to dismantle all those walls and shed those layers that have kept you feeling so comfortably unhappy for so long.

Mona B.

London, UK


But You Don't Know How to STOP Doing It.

Emotional Repatterning with Break Method pairs the process of rewiring your subconscious patterns with strategic action-planning to merge your conscious and subconscious thought directives into congruency. The result? You don't just know better - you actually DO BETTER.


[ even if it feels like a close call ]

You Made It.


You’ve burned a hole in your pocket trying to stop your sh*tty behavior [ but you keep doing it anyway 😵]

You’ve cycled through so many therapists… you’re officially sick of your own story 🛑

You’ve become an expert at your sh*tty taste in intimate partners but … damn they pull you in EVERY DAMN TIME 😂


It requires radical personal responsibility, too.

It's easy to place blame, deflect and pretend it's everyone else's fault. The truth is: radical personal responsibility holds the key 🔑 to your sustainable healing.


Break Method IS:

✔️ a fast-acting, practical approach to emotional rewiring

✔️ a science-based protocol that uses structured self-inquiry

✔️ a sustainable approach that does not cultivate financial or emotional codependence

✔️ a lifelong toolkit that you can pass onto your family + friends

✔️ a course that teaches you to discover who you are, why you operate the way you do + how to transform chaos and dysfunction ASAP


It's time to direct your destiny. Emotional Repatterning gets you back in the driver's seat of your life.

Break Method IS NOT:

✔️ an endless session of feelings + narrative infused questions

✔️ a trauma-bonding group or way to cosign your story

✔️ impractical, intangible or woo-woo

✔️ a cycle of financial codependency that keeps you trapped in "but wait... there's more"

✔️ easy, filled with hand-holding or sugar coated in any way


What About Results? The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery ↓

What is The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery?

Our 16-week emotional repatterning immersion course opens for enrollment 4x times per year. This comprehensive course includes over 200 hours of extensive video lecture broken into four distinct units, six small group sessions and three 1:1 on sessions with your facilitator. This signature course teaches students how to rapidly rewire their entire emotional response system in a sustainable way permanently transforming relationship communication, parenting style, career aspirations and most importantly - their relationship with self. Fall Semester enrollment opens August 15th, 2021.


Perception of Reality is Subjective?

Most of you likely approach conversations and arguments as if your experience is the only truth to discuss. This immediately creates chaotic communication cycles that can be easily shifted with Break Method. You can learn to see the subjective assumptions your brain attempts to trick you into and how these assumptions trigger you to create chaos with the people around you.





Program Reviews


Before taking the course, I hated going to work. My kids would drive me nuts and the tension between me and my husband was high. I felt like we were very close to getting a divorce. After graduating, there was no more anxiety or hate ruining my mood. I am now happy going to work and no longer feel “down” at lunchtime. I enjoy spending time with my kids. My husband and I are doing amazing for the first time in a long time. I feel like I’m finally living life the way I always wanted to.”

Tara M.

Missouri, USA


"I recommend Break to anyone suffering emotionally in relationships. I was stuck in a pattern of "no one cares about me" and "I'm never good enough." This was huge. As I applied the Break tool ELI and found ways to poke holes in my brain pattern I really changed. I stopped trying to find justice with everything and not take things so literally. I am able to respond the way I intend rather than the way I snap for the first time. My relationship with my husband is better and I am able to teach my kids how to ELI and help them work through their belief systems that are crippling them. My codependency is gone. I am managing so much better and can finally see more clearly the direction I want my life to go in."

Melissa F.

Texas, USA


Your life can turn around in minutes. It just takes finding that piece of the puzzle that makes the rest of the picture make sense. That piece that counselors, doctors and life coaches couldn’t find. Not only could they not find it – but they also tried to give you puzzle pieces that weren’t yours and that made you feel more confused, broken and lost.

This morning I woke up not sure I really wanted a tomorrow. Tonight, I feel genuinely excited about life for the first time since I was probably 6 years old {That’s 40 years for people that like math}

Not today, Disappointment, not today.

Dr. Lisa L.

California, USA


"I went into Break Method thinking my choice was to divorce or stay. I always leaned towards divorce [ I thought that was the scariest] . In reality, after really facing my emotional addictions and brain patterns, the real choices were to vulnerably and honestly show up in my marriage [ the REAL scariest part as it turns out ].

F*ck - I hated Break sometimes but I will always be grateful for learning how to address my own bullsh*t. I now know how to stay. That's HUGE."

Amie P.

Texas, USA


Break Method is an immersive, practical, action-based program designed to not only get to the root of mental and emotional turmoil, but to discover their present day triggers. I learned EXACTLY how my issues were manifesting in my life and how I was constantly re-creating and reinforcing my issues. I developed real, targeted strategies to confront EVERY trigger and stop the emotional cascade it is tracks. This was the beginning of empowerment for me.

I know myself now. I trust myself now. I know that I will always have work to do on the issues of my life. And, I am 100% positive that I will be using everything I have learned in Break Method to move through them with Grace.

Lisa M.

Missouri, USA