6 Reasons Smoking Weed is Making Your Anxiety Worse [ It's Ruining Your Sleep, Too ]

6 Reasons Smoking Weed is Making Your Anxiety Worse [ It's Ruining Your Sleep, Too ]

I've heard every excuse in the book and I dissect each of those in the in-depth lecture below.

It's medicine from the earth.
It's legalized now. It can't be that bad.
I can't relax without it.
My doctor prescribed it.


The truth is there are many oxymoronic facets of weed smoking. These seemingly opposing experiences all mashed up into one convoluted, incredibly GMO-driven, pop culture narrative and I can't sit idly by. I see students every day that struggle with anxiety and sleep disturbances who have been habitually smoking weed for years. While the dissociative actions of THC might make you "feel" temporarily better in the moment, I guarantee you the habit itself is perpetuating all of the subconscious emotion and belief patterns that gave you anxiety in the first place.

None of this is said with judgment. You are the master of your own destiny and if you choose to dig into this and say "Screw it, I'm doing it anyway," I can handle that. What I struggle with is watching students self-sabotage with the lifestyle and mental state that tags along with smoking weed while frustrated they can't seem to turn a corner in their emotional healing. 

Rewiring your emotional response system requires you to intentionally shift into an observational role. From this new perspective of observation, rather than emotion-laced auto-pilot response, you become able to use what you've learned about your patterned behavior to make different choices. This becomes impossible when you throw THC into the mix. 

If you're ready to dig into why THC puts a massive kink in your healing chain, watch the lecture below. 

Tag me in comments below if you have questions! The lecture slides can be downloaded at the dropbox link below the lecture. Feel free to share this with anyone that needs a little boost to stop smoking all together or at minimum - take a break 😂.

Click HERE to download the PDF Lecture Slides


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