15,000 students have changed their lives with break method. will you?

Your Next Step will change your life - for the rest of your life.

15,000 clients in 13 countries have stopped their chaotic emotional patterns and jumped back in the driver’s seat of their life – will you? 

Break Method is process-oriented and focused on helping you come face to face with the inner-workings of your brain pattern. We do this in way that prevents self-deception, self-sabotage and  avoidance. We have a 93% success rate in helping clients achieve their intake goals.  The best part? It doesn’t matter what your incoming issues are. We see clients battling addiction and self-harm just as often as we see high-performing C-suite executives battling relationship issues or anxiety. Break Method is a powerful structure and sequence that uproots and rewires the 8-part brain pattern currently running your life on autopilot. 

The Evidence Speaks For Itself. Most Graduates Refer Friends & Family After Break.

We are in the business of saving relationships – not destroying them. In today’s society, where everyone is a toxic narcissist, we stand in the gap and help people take radical personal responsibility and heal the parts of their brain responsible for the behaviors and communication patterns creating chaos. 

Break Method Helps Clients Understand:

My Patterns Were Holding Me Back From Greatness. Here's How It Changed.

Everyone In The World Needs Break - These Graduates Tell You Why.

At the end of Break Method, it’s common for students to share these frustrations:

Why didn’t I have access to this sooner? I could have saved my marriage. 😔

Why isn’t this taught in the school system? We would literally have a different world if teens knew this information. 🤔

This needs to be a requirement before getting into relationships. It changes everything. 😬

Here’s the good news: you’re here now.  It’s never too late to rewire your brain and finally feel what it’s like to live life FREE. 

This Is How You Stop The Mental Health Loop & Heal For Good

We specialize in helping people that believe they are unfixable. For many, Break Method is the magic, life-changing formula that cracked the code on their self-sabotage, self-doubt and chaotic communication style.  

You can’t hide from your own BS in the process of Break Method. The system teaches you how to extract meaningful data stored on the hard drive of your brain – even if you believe you don’t remember anything. You then learn to piece this data together to observe and assimilate that patterns that operate beneath the surface.  The end result? Applying precise rewiring strategy to a multi-part brain pattern that holds the keys to your emotional freedom.

My life was working for me until it wasn't anymore. Thank god i found break.

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