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Your Next Step will change your life - for the rest of your life.

15,000 clients in 13 countries have stopped their chaotic emotional patterns and jumped back in the driver’s seat of their life – will you? 

we are in the business of saving relationships - not destroying them.

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Our program typically takes between 16-20 weeks to complete. Couples taking Break Method together receive a discount. The pricing below includes full access for up to 2 people. We offer a discounted pay in full program or the ability to pay it off monthly – no contract required. Not sure where to start? Our Brain Pattern Assessment helps the Behavior Strategy team determine the most efficient roadmap to success. You can apply 100% of your consultation fee to your program fee. 

Pattern Assessment


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All-Inclusive Program Fee for 2 People

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Per Month – Includes 2 People

you want to change, but you don't know how.

We work with clients who believe they are unfixable. We restore hope to those who feel they’ve tried everything and nothing works. We believe every human being is capable of radical and sustainable change if given the right process to uncover the system running inside of them. The brain can and will lie to you in your own pursuit of healing. Lucky for you – we know this and built our program to outsmart and stop it – for good.

It doesn’t matter how successful or well-educated you are, we all have brain patterns running the show in our lives. We’ve likely spent our entire lives believing that is our authentic personality. Meanwhile, blowing up relationships, repeating negative cycles with kids or holding ourselves back from our own hopes and dreams. It’s time to stop this non-sense and break the pattern for good. We’re glad you’re here.

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