Emotional Repatterning Holds the¬†ūüĒĎ to Mental Freedom¬†

"The sign of an evolved society is their ability to interrupt their emotional response system with logic + intuition"


Emotional Repatterning is a protocol of structured self-inquiry that uses scientific processes to discover, assimilate, map and rewire your constellation of protective brain patterns. These patterns keep you stuck in a cycle of repetition - even when you know better. Emotional Repatterning teaches you how completely transform your perception of reality and subconscious labeling of your environment so that you can transform your emotional responses, behavior sets and life trajectory in one hard-hitting immersion experience.



Most forms of therapy, behavior modification or coaching rely on your ability to accurately self-report. BAD NEWS - humans are often unable to accurately self-reflect and infuse their wounded lens on the information making it virtually unusable to help you shift your current behavior and mindset. We approach your brain like the filthy liar that it is and strategically bypass your protective mechanisms, excuses and emotionally charged narrative. 




  • Stop the constant cycle of¬†self-sabotage and self-doubt.¬†

  • Stop drawing yourself to people that¬†feed your emotional¬†pitfalls¬†- in life, love and business.¬†

  • Revolutionize your parenting style and end family¬†conditioning at your child's generation.¬†

  • Stop holding yourself back from your potential just so that your brain can feel "safe."

  • Teach yourself how to observe and outsmart your brain's attempt to hit¬†the self-destruct button.

  • Learn to¬†interrupt your anxiety / anger / frustration / sadness / shame stop it before¬†it creates chaos + friction in your life

The application of Emotional Repatterning is sustainable in every way. Your perspective of the world around you will be forever shifted along with the way you engage in and interact with relationships. Your brain's current patterned protective reflex kicks into to "protect you" from getting your heart broken, finding out everyone really can't be trusted or that you really are inherently destined for failure. That protective reflex, once rewired, opens your entire world up to new possibilities, new confident behaviors, and most importantly new ways of experiencing relationships. These skills you take with you for the rest of your life. They aren't taught in a container of codependence. We ONLY want you to come back after graduation to give us a high-five and say thank you - not to seek more healing. Our desire is that you to become the ripple in your family and community-at-large to shift the collective mental health experience. 




Break Method content is delivered and assimilated using these five primary protocols.  Paired with over 200+ hours of webinar lecture content, one-on-one sessions + forum support to fuel your swift, these tools with work seamlessly with one another to uncover intentional layers of data needed to help you rewire your entire emotional response system. Along the way, you'll be backed up by a team of facilitators and administrators that will provide tough-love accountability and support. 






  • Bypasses your brain's protective mechanisms to help you access data-rich information that helps you rapidly rewire your emotional responses¬†

  • Silences the battle between your implicit and explicit memory to help you see BEYOND your subjective narrative

  • Allows you to clearly and logically expose the story running your life on autopilot - so you can rewire it



  • Helps bring relevant subconscious messages and memories to the somatic level to be properly processed

  • Allows you to accurately hone in on pivotal moments that created your subconscious patterns



  • Helps you access subconscious messages and directives while bypassing your conscious mind
  • Teaches you how to extract relevant dates, times, places and people to rapidly transform your life



  • A powerful tool that outsmarts your brain's inclination to lean into narrative structure or color important data with social construct¬†

  • Straight-forward exercises that show your brain's chaotic prioritization in real time
  • A balance point to apply Scientific Method to formulate our pattern hypotheses



  • A powerful 30 day rewiring strategy built to reduce your symptoms by 90% or more
  • This Blueprint serves as a cumulative collection of your Break Method work, practical tool applications, insights and action plans co-created with your facilitator

  • Blueprint will be your go-to life raft moving forward - containing your operating manual for how to adapt to new introduced stressors in your life







Fall enrollment for the 8 and 16 week immersion programs opens in August. Want to get started with a mini-course? Click the link below to get a taste of the Break Method magic and work with a one-on-one advisor for motivation and accountability.