The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery - 16 Week Intensive
The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery - 16 Week Intensive
The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery - 16 Week Intensive

The School of Sustainable Self-Mastery - 16 Week Intensive

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The Emotional Repatterning Immersion is a 16-week program that teaches students to rewire patterns of emotional addiction through structured self-inquiry broken into 4 units: DISCOVER, CONNECT, REWIRE and SUSTAIN. The course is taught through interactive webinar and lecture, Directed Storytelling® workbook exercises, 6 small group sessions, and 4 one-on-one sessions with your BREAK facilitator. 


  • Fast-Acting - Your Breakthrough Begins Day One
  • Fuses Elements of Neuroscience with Spiritual Intelligence 
  • Sustainable - Students BECOME Their Own Teacher NOT dependent on a person or the course for future maintenance
  • Intense, Logical + Direct (Think: Tough Love)
  • Equally effective for Trauma, Emotional Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Stagnation or Lack of Direction
  • A Chance To Rewrite Generations of Emotional Patterning + Reinvent Your Parenting Style
  • Easy to Complete - Freedom to self-pace certain course sections with the structure to help you FOLLOW THROUGH


  • NOT Financially co-dependent - we won't be pitching you any "follow-up" sessions or "but wait there's more"
  • NOT cyclical - No "so what do you think?" or "how does that make you feel? - coursework is directed and intentional
  • NOT a constant need for tissues - We don't stay in the wound and in fact, we start to dissolve your emotional (+ chemical) attachment to the narrative Day ONE
  • NOT enabling - We motivate you to do the work and STAY accountable 

We can't stop stressful events from happening in your life but we can teach you how to respond to these events with a positive outcome that rewires your emotional addiction cycles INSTEAD of perpetuates them. You will learn what role you play in the communication exchange of these events, the types of people and patterns you attract, and HOW you can shift these relationships into a place that serves where you want to go with your life instead of put your pain and suffering on repeat.

The only thing in life you can control 100% is how you choose to RESPOND to life—and after BREAK you will be doing just that.




SAVE MY SEAT DEPOSIT $250 + 3 payments of $439 billed February, March and April 15th [INDIVIDUAL TRACK ]

$350 + 3 PAYMENTS OF $605 billed February, March and April15th 2021 [ COUPLES TRACK ]

All registration options include the full course, (2) Group Sessions, (3) office hour appointments, (1) Exit Interview, and one ticket to BREAK Live 

** ALL save my seat deposits are non-refundable but may be applied to future semesters should you choose not to begin right away. You may also transfer your deposit to a friend or family.

WINTER SEMESTER BEGINS FEBRUARY 3RD, 2022. COURSE CONTENT UNLOCKS FEBRUARY 1ST, 2022. You can also select a later semester in 2022. 

Winter 2022 [ 2/3-5/31 ]

Summer 2022 [ 6/15- 9/30 ]

Fall 2022 [9/30- 12/31]

Graduates Share Their Breakthrough Experiences


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